Miami’s Best Live Music Performances

At 1-800-Lucky, you will find more than just a good food spot. Every night of the week is a night to enjoy good music and company. Visit us every Tuesday night where top talent in the jazz, pop, latin and hip-hop scenes take the stage and perform live.

Pictured: Cimafunk's 1-800-Lucky Takeover

Looking for the best entertainment in Miami? 1-800-Lucky has got you covered. Head over to our bar for a live music concert every Tuesday with some of the best bands and music groups in the jazz, latin, pop and hip-hop industries. Grab a group of friends, get some classic Asian food from one of our restaurants, buy some of our craft beer and watch some of the best talent take the stage right here at our venue. Our music repertoire will guarantee a night of pure fun and good vibes, be it Cuban night, jazz night or any other night of live music. 1-800-Lucky is definitely the place to be!

Here’s how you can enjoy a typical Miami day: start your day at the beach, then in the evening head over for happy hour to 1-800-Lucky, order some of the most refreshing cocktails and stay for the music and amazing vibes. You will love the experience!

We are one of the top locations for live music in Florida, and you’ll be able to have to best experience thanks to the great energy of the bands and the power behind their songs. We constantly have live music performances by Grammy nominated artists and top level DJs. Come to our outdoor venue to have the best time in Miami!

“What doesn’t this place have? It’s trendy, it’s delicious, it’s got the best live music in Miami & it’s unique!”
— Kristen K., Yelp Reviewer